TRI Information and Reporting


As a reminder, TRI reports must be submitted by July 1st of each year. Please consider EPA’s Audit Policy for submissions that are past due or being revised. For more information about self-disclosing please review EPA’s Audit Policy.

The TRI Reporting Forms and Instructions manual contains detailed explanations of how to report quantities of routine and accidental chemical releases, and releases resulting from catastrophic or other one-time events of EPCRA Section 313 chemicals, as well as the maximum amount of chemicals held on-site during the calendar year and the amount contained in wastes managed on-site or transferred off-site. All certified TRI forms are processed at TRI's Data Processing Center.

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Submitting TRI Reports to West Virginia

Facilities are required to submit TRI reports to both EPA and the applicable state (WV) or territory. Facilities that are located in West Virginia that are TRI DATA EXCHANGE  participants can fulfill their obligation to report to EPA and the state by submitting to EPA via Central Data Exchange using TRI-ME WEB

 The State of West Virginia now participates in the TRI State Data Exchange and will receive RY 2011 and future TRI reports electronically from the EPA. Therefore, facilities reporting electronically to the EPA do not need to submit paper TRI reports to the State of West Virginia. If you have questions, contact:

Thomas Kirk
WV Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management
1703 Coonskin Drive
Charleston, WV 25311
Office: 304-558-5380
Fax: 304-344-4538