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West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
1703 Coonskin Drive
Charleston, West Virginia 25311
(304) 558-5380 - Office
(304) 344-4538 - Fax
Staff Listing

Director Michael Todorovich

Secretary Leona Wehrle

Director of Administration Doug McClung
Director of Operations Vacant
General Counsel Daniel Armstrong
Recovery and Mitigation Director Vacant   
Projects Officer Doug Cummings
Public Assistance Grants Manager Susan Kuhn
Hazard Mitigation Grants Manager Kelli Batch  
Public Assistance Program Specialist Julie Blackwood
Grants Monitor Assistant Niki McGrew
Grants Monitor Vacant
Office Manager/Disaster Grants Coordinator Lonnie Bryson 
Geographic Information Unit Manager Nuvia Villamizar
Geographic Information Unit Technician David Phillips
Communications and Warning Officer Bill Wood
Public Information Officer Lora Lipscomb
HSIN WV Safe Schools Administrator Tony Domingo
Statewide Interoperability Coordinator David Neal
Assistant Statewide Interoperability Coordinator
R.C. Faulk
SIRN Business Manager and SERC Financial Coordinator Lisa Paxton
Administrative Services Manager 1 Vacant   
EMS Communications Coordinator Mark Smith
EMS Communications Coordinator David Eubank
SIRN Technician John Davis
SIRN Technician Richard Floyd
SIRN Technician James "Adam" Gianato
SIRN Technician Nicholas Mossburger
SIRN Technician Gregory Sluss
Information Systems Lead Eric Holstine
Information Systems Analyst Karl Dust
Area Liaison-Region 1 Brad Hartley
Area Liaison-Region 2 Jason Lively
Area Liaison-Region 3 Sanford Green
Area Liaison-Region 4 Shawn Dunbrack
Area Liaison-Region 5 Theresa White
Area Liaison-Region 6 Greg Fuller
Deputy Director, Infrastructure Protection Program
William "Bill" Minear
Mining and Industrial Accident Watch Center Manager Shana Clendenin
Emergency Services Associate Owen Hawk
Emergency Services Associate Betty Taylor-Kent
Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program Manager Glynn Willard 

Radiological Emergency Preparedness State Agency Coordinator Vacant

Radiological Emergency Preparedness County Coordinator Vacant

Emergency Response Center Coordinator Vacant   

Chief Financial Officer Gary Stewart
Emergency Services Associate Vacant
Comptroller Marti Sigmon
Administrative Services Assistant I Lirerose Beach
Personnel Coordinator Marcie Carnes
Grants Specialist David Hoge
Grants Specialist Matthew Blackwood
Grants Specialist Ed Holsclaw
Planning Officer Nick Rhodes
Training and Exercise Coordinator Chuck Bennett
Training Officer Shawn Dunbrack
Christian Fernley
Flood Warning Administrator Vicki Chandler
Flood Warning Technician Doug Wince
Flood Warning Technician Jeremiah Nelson
Flood Warning Technician Vacant   
Recovery Coordinator Greg Myers
Recovery Specialist Marilyn Lynch
Recovery Associate Cathy Hartley
Recovery Associate Vacant   
State Hazard Mitigation Officer Brian Penix
Mitigation Assistance Specialist Dale Hatfield
Mitigation Assistance Specialist Mark Wallace
Mitigation Assistance Specialist Christopher "CJ" Laws
National Flood Insurance Manager Kevin Sneed
National Flood Insurance Assistant Vacant   
Emergency Services Specialist Vacant
National Flood Insurance Assistant Melanie Thomas
Credentialing Coordinator Bill Wood
Public Assistance Financial Specialist Vacant
Public Assistance Administrative Assistant Laura Beard
Asset/Fleet Manager Cody Taylor
Asset/Inventory Manager Jimmie Linville