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The Division of Emergency Management is part of the West Virginia Department of Homeland Security.

Our offices: 2403 Fairlawn Avenue
Dunbar, WV 25064

Phone: 304-558-5380

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Thom Kirk, Acting Director
DHS Deputy Secretary
Michael Oakley, Deputy Director
Brandon Barker, Flood Warning Tech
Ginger Barnett, Grants Specialist
Kelli Batch, Grants Manager/State Hazard Mitigation Officer
Lirerose Beach, Grants Financial Specialist
Laura Beard, Op Clerk 3
Charles Bennett, State Exercise Officer
Matthew Blackwood, Grants Specialist
Brian Brake, Watch Center Associate
Lonnie Bryson, Chief, Recovery Grants
Marcie Carnes, OP Clerk 4
Vicki Chandler, iFLOWS Business Manager
Shana Clendenin, Operations Officer
Douglas Cummings Jr, EMAP Accreditation Manager
John Davis, Electronics Tech III
Tony Domingo, Safe Schools Program Administrator
Shawn Dunbrack, Region 4 Liaison Officer
Karl Dust, Information Systems Coordinator I
RC Faulk, Assistant SWIC
Christian Fernley, State Training Officer
Heather Fittro, Administrative Assistant
Richard Floyd, Electronics Tech
Greg Fuller, Region 6 Liaison Officer
Louis Gaunch, Quality Assurance/Internal Review
Adam Gianato, Electronics Technician III
Sanford Green, Region 3 Liaison Officer
Melinda Harkins, Comptroller
Brad Hartley, Region 1 Liaison Officer
Cathy Hartley, Recovery Associate
Dale Hatfield, Mitigation Project Officer
Owen Hawk, Emergency Services Associate
David Hoge, Chief, Preparedness Grants
Eric Holstine, Information Systems Coordinator II
Susan Kuhn, Grants Manager - Public Assistance / PAO
CJ Laws, HMGP Project Officer
Jimmie Linville, Asset Manager
Lora Lipscomb, Public Information Officer
Jason Lively, Region 2 Liaison Officer
Ben Love, NFIP Associate
Marilyn Lynch, Recovery Specialist
Tabetha Marcum, Lead Closeout Specialist, Public Assistance
GE McCabe, Chief, Mission Support
Douglas McClung, Finance Manager
Shannon "Niki" McGrew, Grants Monitoring Coordinator
Jason Means, Public Assistance
Jamie Moffatt, Watch Center Associate
Nicholas Mossburger, SIRN Technician
Gregory Myers, Emergency Services Specialist Senior
Jeremiah Nelson, IFLOWS Technician
Lisa Paxton, SERC/SARA Title III Manager
Brian Penix, State Hazard Mitigation Officer
David Phillips, Geographic Information System (GIS) Technician
Nicholas Rhodes, Planning Officer
Meghan Shears, Forensic Accountant
Gregory Sluss, Electronics Tech III
Mark B Smith, SIRN Coordinator
Kevin Sneed, NFIP Coordinator
Ellen Sparks, Operations Specialist
Cody Taylor, Fleet/Fixed Asset Manager
Betty Taylor-Kent, Watch Center Associate
Melanie Thomas, NFIP Associate
Nuvia Villamizar, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Manager
Mark Wallace, HMGP Specialist
Cristine Watson, Chief, Internal Review
Leona Wehrle, Secretary
Al Whitaker, PA Program Specialist
Theresa White, Region 5 Liaison Officer
Douglas Wince, Flood Warning Tech
Bill Wood, Communications Officer
Ethan Wriston, Watch Center Associate